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    Frequently Asked Questions
    May I have your exact location, kindly share your location map

    17 A St – Al Khabaisi – Deira Behind Abu Baker Al Siddique Metro Station

    What is your office timing?

    AMER 247 is the only Centre Open 24 Hours. Friday – From 1:00 to 8:00 PM Our services are available online by clicking an


    What is your contact number?

    Landine+971 42300500

    Fax: +971 42300510

    WhatsApp support +971 58 1257700

    Can I pay cash & Card to your center?

    Yes, you can pay only at AMER 247 and AMER JLT branches.

    Can I pay card if I want to pay my fines?

    No, only cash

    Can you check my fines?

    Visit Amer center and bring passport with visa to check your fines.

     I want to renew visa for my wife and daughter, what documents to bring, How much charges?

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    Hi, my husband just lost his job and our daughter is under his sponsorship. How can we transfer her visa to mine? Also, we just renewed her visa last March 2020, thank you

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    How to hold my family visa while changing my job.

    For holding family visa, you need to approach immigration (Al Manara Centre/ Al Twar Centre / Airport services Branch (24/7hrs) directly.

    I want to apply for Entry permit outside country for my family outside country

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    I want to apply for residence visa for my wife

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    I want to sponsor my new born baby, what are the required documents?

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    How can I sponsor my dependents?

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    I want to sponsor my son; can you tell me required documents

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    Sponsoring my family, what are the process and documents?

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    How can I Sponsor my parents?

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    How to apply New/ Renew my parents residence visa under Private or Free zone?

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    My Visa is under Partner/ Investor, what are the requirements in getting family visa?

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    I want to apply visit visa for my family, how?

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    How can I pay our staff new employment visa?

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    What are the requirements for staff visa new/renewal?

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    I want to apply New/Renew Immigration card (Establishment card)

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    What is the difference on applying establishment with online and without online?

    With online means you will get token access to GDRFA website

    Without online means you can only apply thru AMER centre.

    What are the requirements to cancel staff visa or family?

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    What are the documents of change status?

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    I want to transfer new sponsorship visa, how?

    Required documents

    Approval Paper from the Immigration
    Original Emirates Id of both Old and New Sponsor (Valid Passport +Visa Page copy)
    New Sponsor Salary Certificate (Works in Free Zone or Govt. Sector) OR Labor Contract (Works in Private Sector)
    New Sponsor House Rental Contract / EJARI
    New Emirates ID Renewal Application Form
    New Medical Test Report (only for above 18yro)
    Updated Health Insurance card/ Insurance Certificate
    New Sponsor Account IBAN Number
    Dependents Passport + current residence copy.

    New Emirates ID Renewal Application Form _ typing 305 (2 years)
    New Medical Test Report (only for above 18yro) _ typing 322.50 (Normal)
    Visa stamping:
    Normal 563.90 (2 years visa)
    Urgent 663.90 (2 years visa)

    How to apply Travel report?

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    What are the required documents if want to transfer visa from old passport to New passport?

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    Can I Renew my residence visa without renewing my emirates ID?

    No, you cannot, you must renew your Emirates ID first

     I am 17 years old; do I need to apply for medical fitness applications?

    No, only 18 years old and above

    Is Emirates Id required for all living in UAE?

    Yes, its required

    Do I need to apply for medical test to renew my residence visa?

    Yes, must need to apply for medical test for renewal of your residence visa

    Can I do modification to your AMER if I applied to other AMER branch

    No, only at the same Amer branch where you have applied.

     If I want to apply for medical Fitness application, can you tell me the requirements and how much?

    For new visa- Entry Permit visa + Original Passport + 1 Latest photo (Studio type) white BG

    For renewal- Original passport + Original Emirates ID

    Medical typing Application:

    322.5 Normal (3-5 working days)

    432 – 48hrs

    532- 24 hrs.’

    752 -4 hrs.’- VIP

    1070- 2 hrs.’ VVIP

    If I want to apply for Emirates ID application, can you tell me the requirements and how much

    For new visa- Entry Permit visa + Original Passport + 1 Latest photo (Studio type) white BG (for below 15 years old) + Original EID of the sponsor

    For renewal, Original passport + Original Emirates ID + 1 Latest photo (Studio type) white BG (for below 15 years old) + Original EID of the sponsor

    What are the procedures to stamp new born baby's visa in Dubai?

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    How many days I have for my new born baby to apply visa?

    Newborn baby’s Visa must be stamped within 120 days from the date of birth. If late, Dh25 fine for each day after 120 days.

    Our baby was born one month ago. Baby got issued a passport from our Consulate. Now we want to exit Dubai without stamping baby's visa. Is it possible?

    Yes, you have to apply for out pass for the baby. Submit a request at Amer or immigration and pay there with certain amount Dh275. Baby should exit within one week from the date of out pass issue.

    My family visa is on hold. Can they travel during this period?

    No. They cannot travel till you clear the hold.
    + After get issued the Visa, you have to change Visa Status, apply for Medical, Emirates ID, labour contract and Visa Stamping.

    How to Sponsor Parents on Residence Visa in Dubai?

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    I want to sponsor my husband, how much min. salary to apply visa

    A resident employed in the UAE can sponsor his wife and children, subject to conditions which include min. salary of Dhs4000 or 3,500Dhs plus accommodation

    How to update Account IBAN number

    1. an eform receipt copy
    2. Scan Bank statement / Bank details which shows IBAN number.
    3. Send e-mail: 
    4. Subject: Update IBAN

    How to get my security deposit

    Visit amer with the e form receipt with the valid Account IBAN number

    My family came to Dubai last month. Medical and Visa stamping not yet done. Due to health problems they want to go back home without stamping Visa. Do I need to cancel their visa in this case?

    Yes, you have to cancel their visa. Required Documents: Original passport and Visa of family and your passport copy +original EID, they can stay here the remaining days to complete 60 days from the date of entry. But maximum 29 days.

    What are the requirements to sponsor a child by the mother? How a Single Mother can sponsor her child?

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    Information about 30 or 90 days visit visa?

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    Do I need to apply Return Entry permit to come back to Dubai if am residence stock in outside country?

    Regarding your inquiry please communicate with General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai on toll free number 8005111 or international number +97145011111/+97143139999  email : and for General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Abu Dhabi (ICA) and other Emirates you may contact them through 600522222/ + 97123128867/ +97123128868 or international number +971600522222 and then press 2 to help you further email:

    , as we can only assist you to complete transaction of your Dubai Visa and Residency such issuing entry permits, issuing and renewals of a residency visa, visa cancellation process and other related services provided by other government institutions and departments.

    My wife is on Visit/Tourist Visa. Can I change her visa to Residence without exit the country? How much should I pay for this?

    Yes, you can change her visa to residence without exit the country. But you should pay Dh 1781.90 for extra to issue visa inside country and status change depends on the sponsor type of visa.

    I joined my company five months ago, but still I didn't receive my Labour Contract. I want to apply for family visa. How can I get my Labour Contract?

    You can print your labour contract from MOHRE website or typing centre or Tas’heel Centre with your passport copy with Dh 30.00 printing.

    Do I need to visit Immigration office to submit family visa application and collect the visa?

    No need to visit Immigration. Once you submitted online application through AMER 247 business center, you will receive visa through your registered e-mail

    I am on Employment Visa. But my visa still not stamped on my passport. Can I attach entry visa to apply visa for my family?

    No. You should have stamped visa on your passport to apply for family visa. Your labour contract also should be shown at the GDRFA to prove your salary. Labour Contract will be issued only after stamping your visa.

    Do I need to endorse spouse's name in my passport to apply for family visa?

    No. Attested marriage certificate is enough.

    How long the family visa process takes at Immigration?

    If the above-mentioned documents are correct, visa will be issued within 48 hours normally prior approval by the GDRFA officials.

    I want to apply residence visa for my wife and two children. I have got a studio flat in my name. Is it acceptable for family visa?

    Yes, for wife and children studio flat also acceptable.

     I want to apply residence visa for my child. But Tenancy Contract is issued in the name of my wife. Is it acceptable for family visa?

    Yes, it is acceptable. You should attach wife’s passport copy and Marriage Certificate

    Can I sponsor my wife in UAE if tenancy contract is in her name?

    You may submit a letter from your wife, stating that she has no objection that you are using the tenancy contract in her name to apply for her residence under your sponsorship.

    How can I get my IBAN?

    You can generate it through the concerned bank site. 

    I am currently based in Delhi (India) but trying for a job in Dubai. I am separated from my husband and my 11-year-old daughter stays with me (not custody as I am not divorced from her father) I want to know if I can take my daughter to Dubai with me if I get a job there. If yes, what are the formalities?

    Pursuant to your question, it may be advised that, once your prospective employer obtains an employment visa for you and it is affixed on your passport, you may subsequently apply for a dependant visa for your daughter in Dubai. For this, you will need to apply to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs (the “Directorate”) in Dubai and the issuance of the visa for your daughter will be at the sole discretion of the directorate.

    As per the prevailing rules of the directorate, you may sponsor your daughter if you have a minimum salary of Dh10,000 or salary of Dh7,000 plus employer’s accommodation or your own accommodation. In case of your own accommodation you should have a valid Ejari tenancy contract for your accommodation. Further, you will also need to secure a letter of no-objection or NOC from your husband stating that he has no objections with your daughter staying with you in Dubai under your sponsorship. The NOC should also be duly notarized and legalized in India. (KT) and MOFA Dubai (Translated into Arabic)

    I am living in Dhabi on my company sponsorship. I work as a secretary and earn around Dh15,000. I and my husband are going through the legal formalities for divorce in India. Can I sponsor my children? My son is 15 and daughter is 10. Is it necessary to get divorce and custody, and then apply for visas for my kids or can I apply now before the divorce?

    According to the Government, expatriate women, who work in a rare or important specialization, such as engineering, education, nursing or any other profession related to the medical sector, can apply for visas for family members, if her salary is not less than Dh10,000 or Dh8,000 plus accommodation providing sponsorship requirements are met. Since, your profession does not match the above you should check it with the Department of Naturalization and Residency Affairs, which may deal with it on a case by case basis.

    Generally, a daughter of any age could be sponsored. However, a son could be sponsored only if he is below 18. Furthermore, you will be required to produce either marriage certificate or divorce and custody documents duly attested by the UAE Foreign Ministry. Since the divorce is pending back in India you are not able to produce marriage certificate. Alternatively, you have to wait till you can produce divorce and custody document.

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