PCR Terms & Conditions

1. Your request for a SARS-CoV-2 PCR TEST is subject to the below advice, terms and conditions. Please read them carefully before placing your order or if your order has already been placed, please contact us immediately to discuss any issues or concerns.

2. Results are given by means of an official Laboratory report provided to youat the earliest opportunity. Results are given by either email sent to you confidentially or, whenever applicable, a file attachment uploaded to your secure patient portal at the earliest opportunity. Whenever possible we will contact you by phone also to give your result. Regrettably, Amer247 cannot disclose results of any patient to a 3rd party (including relatives) other than a consenting adult. If you prefer us to share your results with someone else, please confirm this to us at the time of booking or visit.

3. Amer247 does not accept bookings which, to the best of our knowledge, cannot be fulfilled timely, and we will always do our utmost best to understand, document and meet your required timescales. However, in certain cases, we may take your order and advise you of the risk. We kindly ask you that place your order at the earliest opportunity that allows us enough notice to process all the administration which are required to provide regulated COVID-19 tests.

4. Amer247 runs its testing service under very strict processes to ensure all timescales are met, however no process is a 100% perfect, if you believe you haven\’t received any due document references or certificates for any purpose we kindly ask you to please contact us immediately so that we are aware and may ratify any issues which may have occurred.

5. As with any other tests, a small percentage of samples can be inconclusive for a number of reasons ranging from sample contamination, insufficient material, presence of blood, inadequate storage, or infections which are detected as similar to COVID, however inconclusive which do not allow the laboratory to provide a definite result, in the unlikely event that this happens, you understand and agree that you will need to re-take the test and the same charges will apply.

6. You understand that regardless of the notice given and whether you ordered online or by phone there are several steps we must take as Amer247in order to understand your requirement, plan your test, register each test, assigning tracking numbers, completing the forms for PHE, preparing kits for dispatch, etc. which involve a significant amount of work on our part from the very moment we take your order so that we can produce results as quickly as possible for you. For this reason, if you have booked a test, should you decide to cancel a test after purchasing it for any reason, you will be given the option to ‘freeze’ your test and use it at a later occasion (unlimited date changes within 2 months, free of charge) or receive a partial refund.

7. Please note that travel and/or test requirements from local destinations may vary weekly or even daily, and there is conflicting information on the official information sites. It is critical that you check both with the destination authority and your airline to ensure you give us the exact requirements applicable to your trip, and we will base our planning on the requirements you provide us. Due to the constant variations we are unable to verify this on your behalf but will endeavor to share our best knowledge which should not be construed as that by under any circumstance.

8. Due to the specialized Covid-19 preparation required, appointments for sample collections require 24h for cancellation or changes to the appointment (48hrequired). If you miss your appointment or cancel/change outside this window, you will be required to book another visit and the same fees will apply. Occasionally it may be possible to re-arrange the time, so if you believe you are likely to be delayed, please contact us at the earliest opportunity by whatsapp/phone, not email.

9. By confirming your booking you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to check travel requirements carefully, as under no circumstance will Amer247 be held responsible for missed flights or any losses incurred in connection with testing, including in the event of a positive or delayed result.

10. By engaging Amer247, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the full terms above and that Amer247 cannot be held liable for any losses related to your tests which are outside our control.

Please stay safe and, if travelling, have a safe journey.

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